The HARLEY BIKERS AUSTRIA Club was first founded in 1992 at Hans "CROCKET" Rezaks and Otto Klammbauer's legendary Harley-Pub "MILWAUKEE".
The location was previously the motorcycle business Hoyer. They where specialists for english motorcycles and Harley Davidson.
The founding President was Jarosch Alex, also called the "Toothless" or "Iroquois" , who sacrificed his business and family for his club enthusiasm. Due to his lifestyle he sadly passed away in 2002.
From a small group of daring old hands, in a short time - in the high season of Harley Mania -  developed a considerable number of club members in 1996 - Austria almost reached the 500 mark.
Subsequently, he also created the Chapters, Erlauf, Wiener Neustadt and Klosterneuburg. Of these Chapters Erlauf is still our active brother club.
In the first years there were many events, such as Harley Meet Danube Island and Lu's Wollersdorf, many store openings viz. McDonalds and Virgin Records, Game Openings (Kick Off) Football matches, and much more...
AND something only a few people know ! The TOY RUN was founded in Milwaukee by HDC Austria together with Ernstl Kraft, who have successfully brought every year more and more donating bikers in to the fold.
We are currently a few members who meet every Wednesday in "Gasthaus zur Alm". There we live the Harley- Mania !!

Our club motto:

! Joy from riding - friends from riding !